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Window on the World®

David Usill

Window on the World® is a personal collection of images made over 55 years of photography and travel around the world. I was given my first camera at the age of 5 and have always worked on the premise that "everything is worth photographing".

My early photography was in black and white, producing prints in the darkroom and learning the science of photography. After art school I started on a quest for the highest resolution images I could achieve for travel and portrait work and that led to medium format cameras and fine grain colour transparency film. Digital photography took over when Hasselblad introduced the H Series Medium Format Digital Cameras with resolutions higher than 40 megapixels. I now use their X2D 100c for the higher resoloution images needed for my work.

This collection of images focuses on my favourite locations all over the world. Among the subjects I find attracts my attention are graveyards, food markets, agriculture, local culture, architecture, animals, seascapes and landscapes.

The Studio Hot Air Balloon provides a platform for a different way of aerial photography and a source of abstract views of the earth.

Pictures on this site are available for sale with prices available on request. A small number of my pictures are created as special limited edition prints.

I have included a folio of abstract paintings that I make to balance my quest for photographic reality.

Serendipity plays a large part in my work as most of my images are captured in the course of my travels.

All images on this site are ©David Usill, Window on the World®, London.

Window on the World® and Window on® are United Kingdom registered trade marks.

Please do not make copies without asking first as all images are Digimarc protected.

Photographer David Usill


Images from the following countries:-

• Australia • Austria • Bali • Barbados • Cambodia • Cayman islands •

• Chile • China • Cook Islands • Cuba • Curacao • Dubai • Ecuador • Egypt • France •

• Greece • Galapagos • Hong Kong • Iceland • India • Italy • Jamaica • Japan •

• Jordan • Kenya • Malaysia • Maldives • Malta • Morocco • Namibia •

• The Netherlands • Northern Cyprus • Peru • Seychelles • Singapore •

• South Africa • Spain • Sri Lanka • St Lucia • Switzerland • Tanzania • Thailand • Turkey •

• United Kingdom• United States of America • Venezuela • Zanzibar •