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News & Events

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Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021

David Usill with 'The Card Players', Shanghai, China exbibited in the 2021 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021. Shot on Hasselblad X1D 50c with a 90mm lens.

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Website updated to include new locations from 2018-19 travels.

Fine art photography of David Usill

and the photographic archive of Window on the World®.

I have no single syle of photography as I follow my concept 

"Everything is worth photographing".

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Future Travels

2020 saw the Covid crisis hit the world so new travels have been

put on hold until 2022.

Plans made for Gutemala and Belize will be top of the list.

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New Locations

Peru, Namibia, Cambodia, Curacao, China, Australia, Cook Islands,

Los Angeles to San Francisco, Iceland, Sardinia

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Ballooning for 2021

Midlands Air Festival, Silverstone Classic & Oswestry fiestas.