David Usill - Photographer

"Serendipity plays a large part in my work as a photographer, travelling the planet making images”


I follow in the tradition of ‘Straight Photography’, searching for that decisive moment when composition and subject coincide.

​I have carried a camera for most of my life finding inspiration looking up and around whilst standing on the ground or piloting my hot air balloon for an aerial perspective - looking down.

​My work is in colour making images from natures patterns, landscapes, architecture, accidental art, interesting people and cultural activities.

​This website offers a selection of limited edition photographic prints, featuring images curated from my new abstract work.

I have also include some of my favourite previously exhibited prints, as important works from my archive.

​Themes and subjects reoccur throughout my archive so I have many more alternative images that are available on request.

​As an introduction to my commercial photography I am involved in portraiture and editorial commissions for record companies, travel brochures, magazines and company report & accounts.