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Prints and delivery times

I create all the prints myself so the time it takes for me to supply a final mounted picture depends on my being in the UK to fulfil an order. If any of the images on the website are of interest, please use the contact page or email me with a request for details of print production and your address for delivery charge calculations.

We can then discuss production and delivery times.

Email: enquiries@winworld.co.uk

I limit my editions to 12 prints at the single set size shown on the website. It is very important that the concept of a limited edition means limited to one size. The dimensions of my published images will only ever be printed at the size shown on the website.

All prints are sold with a certificate guaranteeing quality with the edition number of the print and the Window on the World® seal.


“I do not see frames in nature, so let the wall be the frame!”

By using a camera there is always an artificial framed element to any photograph, but the result I want is for the picture’s edge to be framed by the wall. This is to portray what my eye sees when looking out at the world.

I prefer to supply all my prints using Perspex Face Mounting as method of presentation. The increase in contrast ratios using this technique adds to the final clarity of the result. The prints can be supplied with a non reflective matt surface by special request.

Each completed piece is supplied with an aluminium sub-frame – making it easy to hang and providing additional rigidity and support against warping.

Care in hanging away from heat sources and direct sunlight is recommended to help preserve the print.

My chosen method of presentation may not fit with a client’s preference so I am prepared to supply a paper print but only after discussing the alternatives with the client.

Each limited edition print is accompanied by a signed certificate of guarantee bearing the company seals.

​I make 2 A1 proofs to check for overall quality and colour balance before printing the final edition prints.

I adhere to the historical fine art concept that all limited edition prints are only ever issued at one set size for that particular image. I do not offer any alternative sizes as this goes against all the principles of 'limited editions'.

All my prints are bespoke items made to order and produced as limited editions of 12.

Certificate of Guarantee

Perspex face mounting sub frame

High resolution

A lifetimes quest for high resolution realism

I have always chased the highest grain free resolution that available technology allowed at various times in my career. To achieve this end in the analogue age I started with a Rolliecord medium format camera with a brief move to 35mm Nikon cameras using Kodachrome fine grain transparency material. My next move was to adopt medium format Zenza Bronicas as lightweight travel cameras with a variety of fixed focal length lenses. My archive images on film are still an important part of my archive and I produce large prints using a Hasselblad Flextight X5 scanner to digitise these images. Digital prints made from scanning aging transparencies have characteristic film grain and colour shifts that I try to maintain to show the passage of time.

​In 2009 Hasselblad released their H3D 50c digital camera. The resolution of this equipment, and the advance in giclee printing, exceeded that of making large prints from transparencies in a darkroom. So I joined the age of digital cameras!

My latest camera of choice is my Hasselblad X2D100c with 3 fixed focal length lenses selected for ultimate quality.

​I do miss the craft involved in ‘old-fashioned’ photography but the quality I seek in adhering to the principle of Straight Photography means digital processing offers greater control in sharpness and colour balancing.

​As I print all my work myself I am limited to a print size I can handle without damaging the paper. My printer is an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 that uses UltraChrome HDR pigment ink for colour saturation and longevity.

This combination of camera and printer satisfies my quest for the highest resolution and quality I can achieve

- until the next evolution!

My cameras from 1961 - 2021

My current choice for all photography Hasselblad X2D 100c 2023